Nice, Cannes, Villefranche (France) Barcelona(Spain)

May 19 to 26, 2020

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Desire Cruises will be rolling out the Red Carpet for the hottest cruise to have sailed the French Riviera. Lose yourself at sea aboard this clothing-optional, couples-only, sensual sanctuary at sea, where you and your partner can redefine the meaning of passion and enjoy adventures beyond seduction.

In May 2020, departing from Nice, France, and culminating in Barcelona, Spain, this moving couple’s paradise offers a luxurious cruise program conceived to seduce the senses by providing exclusive amenities, including; the Premium Beverage Package, gourmet dining, first-class staterooms, provocative entertainment, and even features an erotic playroom, staying true to our collection’s unique atmosphere.

Enjoy streets full of colorful buildings, palm-lined boulevards, and a spectacular harbor of turquoise blue, known as the “Queen of the French Riviera”. You and your couple will feel the need to pinch yourselves, as Nice is just that nice.

The Cannes Film Festival is all about celebrities & socialites, as you never know who might drive by. You will have the chance to experience the most important film festival of all time, in the most charming port of the French Riviera. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk the Red Carpet? Now is your chance! You and your couple will have three days to shimmer & shine while enjoying the most highly-publicized, important world-wide film event of 2020.

From Cannes we will set sail toward the world-famous cinematic hotspot of Villefranche. This behind the scenes resort town, has been used as the backdrop for several highly acclaimed motion pictures. Only a 15 to 20-minute train ride away you can explore the city of Monaco, host of the Grand Prix. So, if you crave the circuits and the need for speed, feel the adrenaline as you witness the most thrilling race of all time. Since 1929, Formula 1 has been racing laps around the spectacular city of Monaco, with pure excitement around every curve. This circuit is considered the most prestigious automobile race in the world.

This exotic journey, based on couple’s chemistry and elusive electricity, will be shrouded in mystery, as you discover the all-new SENSUAL WAY TO SAIL AWAY!


Wine & Dine
In Style


1 May. 19th, 2020
2 May. 20th, 2020
3 May. 21st, 2020
4 May. 22nd, 2020
5 May. 23th, 2020
6 May. 24th, 2020
7 May. 25th, 2020 DAY AT SEA
8 May. 26th, 2020

Day 1

Nice, France

Desire Red Carpet Cruise | Nice

Day 2, 3 & 4

Cannes, France

Desire Red Carpet Cruise | Cannes

Day 5 & 6

Villefranche, France

Desire Red Carpet Cruise | Ville France

Day 7

Day at sea

Desire Red Carpet Cruise | Day at sea

Day 8

Barcelona, Spain

Desire Red Carpet Cruise | Barcelona

Theme Nights

Exclusive Onboard

Nightly Entertainment

Theme Nights

As the sun goes down and the day begins to fade, immerse yourself into the world of the unknown.  Thrive on the excitement, as you discover the secret signature theme nights that we are preparing especially for you. Little by little the vigorous and exciting atmosphere pushes the boundaries fulfilling your elevated expectations.

As sailing dates approach stay tuned for the official release of our Desire Red Carpet Cruise theme nights.

Joining us on the cruise, a couple can get all of this included– unlimited meals/dining which are spectacular on the Azamara ship, and of course the Premium Beverage Package which includes numerous top shelf brands not to mention all the Desire style fun- seminars, workshops, daytime and night pool parties, sensual performances and shows, theme nights and of course the ability to access the ship while we are at port without limits.

Ship Gallery

Desire Cruises | Continent Suite

Desire Cruises | Continent Balcony

Desire Cruises | Balcony

Desire Cruises | Continent Bath

Desire Cruises | Club Owner Bedroom

Desire Cruises | Club Owner Living

Desire Cruises | Spa Suite

Desire Cruises | Club Veranda

Desire Cruises | Interior Bedroom

Desire Cruises | Ocean Bedroom

Desire Cruises | Ocean Bathroom

Desire Cruises | Pool Bar Close Up

Desire Cruises | Pool Deck Sunrise

Desire Cruises | Thalasso Therapy Pool

Desire Cruises | Living Room

Desire Cruises | Living Room

desire cruises | azamara living room bar

Desire Cruises | Living Room

Desire Cruises | Living Room

Desire Cruises | The Patio

Desire Cruises | Prime

Desire Cruises | Living Room

Desire Cruises | Windows Cafe

Desire Cruises | Moisac Cafe

Desire Cruises | Stairwell Deck


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